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Facebook provides monitoring VPN

Facebook provides monitoring VPN

The other day on the Facebook mobile client appeared the «Protect» button directing iPhones’ users to the App Store page for Onavo Protect. Onavo is an Israeli analytics company that was acquired by Facebook in October 2013. Onavo Protect is a free VPN-client that promises to help keep our data safe when we are online, by securing our personal information.

The plan of free VPN working is all mobile data traffic of its users is routed through, or to, Onavo’s servers. In this way, they receive information about online activities, devices and browsers, such as type of device, its OS, mobile carrier or network, IP, GPS and general location information, applications on device, usage of apps, websites traffic, the amount of data, logs, content of communications and other.

Through collecting information, the company improves its services, thinks over new products, watches usage of applications, supports advertising and so on.

Thereby, if the product is free, you are the product.

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